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Freedom to focus
on life not money

You earn decent money but you can’t seem to get ahead financially. Life is too busy to find the time to sort out your finances. And, there is so much information out there about money, it’s hard to know who to believe and who to trust.

You’re not alone. Money can be hard. 

At WealthFit, we believe every Aussie family should have the freedom to focus on life, not money. The life you want to live is at the centre of everything we do. 

We make money simple. We tell it to you straight and give you the education you need to be confident with your money choices.

Client success stories

“I feel safe and confident with the advice and planning that has been put in place for us. Luke even responded to a weekend query as he realised I was worried about something; that really calmed me, as I was feeling helpless.

Wealthfit take the worry and stress out of dealing with financial matters and leave you to just enjoy what you have worked so very hard for.”
Heather O’Brien
Heather O'Brien
“We love Luke’s straight forward approach. He is up to date with tax and financial strategies to help make our money go a little further. He is easy to understand, and when he makes recommendations he uses a lot of visual aids so we are able to see the figures on the screen in front of us. Sarah is also an asset to WealthFit. She is always helpful and follows up enquiries straight away. We are happy to recommend WealthFit for sound financial advice.”
Richard & Julie Thomas
Richard & Julie Thomas
“Wealthfit met (and continues to meet) the outcomes that we were seeking to achieve as we moved towards an early retirement. The plan we developed with Luke gave us confidence to move to the next stage of our life. In addition, they helped us to save money by changing our Superannuation provider and got our wills in order.”
Malcolm & Meryl Thorburn
Malcolm & Meryl Thorburn
“The team at Wealthfit have helped us to understand more of our finances and look to the future regarding our super, insurances and investments. Luke has also helped us organise up to date wills. Luke and Sarah have always responded promptly when we have had a question or concern. Luke is very professional and we would highly recommend the services of Wealthfit.

“Wealthfit assists to look at your overall financial story. What you have, where do you want to be and find the best fits to make things happen. They also ensure you have enough insurance, should something happen to your or your partner. ”
Graham & Tracey Dows
“Fantastic service and makes sense when we catch up. I have recommended others and they have all been very satisfied with the service. Its been a relief to have experts look after my future.

WealthFit invest and manage my super funds with expertise for the best outcome financially. They advise what they are doing and what the future retirement financial outcome should be.”
Mark & Debra Geard
“Being a customer for many years now I have peace of mind knowing that Luke and team looks after my finances well.

Your finances are in good hands you have peace of mind know that best is done for you.”
Donald Yeomans
“WealthFit has provided us with a clear ongoing plan for the future that is monitored and
updated as required due to changing environment and personal needs.

also receive excellent advice and guidance protecting your wealth building
your wills , enduring power of attorney , income protection etc. WealthFit
has been an extremely positive experience navigating what can be a rather
hard and stressful process at times securing your financial future. Yearly
reviews and the ability to ask questions at anytime gives you confidence
and makes you feel part of the process. ”
Mr & Mrs H
“The team are approachable/explain things simply and are prompt when answering questions or queries.

The advice has been tailored to my needs and given me a good understanding of my current and future financial situation.”
Simone Cahill
“WealthFit has helped us to plan for and finally get to our retirement with
very little stress regarding our finances.

They advised us on a number of strategies to easily manage our finances and
our future retirement.”
Mr & Mrs M
“I had a dream to purchase a house. I came to WealthFit for advice to reach this goal. They have given me the tools and knowledge and I now own a house.

Not only did I purchase a house, they have also helped me set up a retirement plan and took care of my will and power of attorney. ”
Dan Sparks
“During an extremely stressful time in my life Luke/WealthFit took care of
all the complexities involved in making financial decisions like filling
out necessary forms, making wills, investigating options, working out pros
and cons etc.

He and his team continue to organise these matters, offering
advice, making suggestions and guiding me through my working life towards a
secure retirement.”
Mrs A
“Awesome Team…. always willing to help & support. We love the
personalised touch & so comforting to know you have people who care about your future looking after your hard earned savings!”
Bill & Mary Granville


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